Today's news round up

I thought I would start to share my favourite stories of the day in a news round up, if you really think this is a bad idea let me know :-)

  • Fitbit updates it's product line - a lot of my family are massive Fitbit fans, for me given it doesn't link to HealthKit it's a big no no but I've always looked over with envy at how good the devices seem at tracking steps etc...
  • Apple announces 7th September iPhone event - surprisingly no invite for me (one day!) so I'll be live blogging on Twitter from my armchair but should be an interesting event and for me seeing how they explain removing the headphone port is going to be very interesting..

How to enable night mode in Twitter for iOS

I've grown to really like dark mode in apps, for me it's easier on the eyes at night and generally more legible. Twitter recently announced their version, which is pretty nice and kept me using their app.

Here is how to enable it for iOS

  • tap me
  • tap the cog next to edit profile
  • tap turn on night mode

If you don't see this option, close the app completely and relaunch.

Do you like night mode?

Reminders iOS 10 widgets

Along with iOS 10 we get some new widgets. These appear when you 3D Touch an app icon or view your new Today screen. As a user of Reminders to get everything done I thought I would share my setup and what you get with iOS 10.

3D Touch

I mainly use 3D Touch to create new inbox items. It's not so handy seeing what is due as I can get this from the Today view.

Today view

The most used part of iOS 10 for me. I can see what's UP NEXT and in my REMINDERS for today. UP NEXT combines reminders and calendar to give you a holistic view of what you have at any time in the day.

Using a combination of these two I'm finding I'm keeping on top of what I have on my plate across several apps. Give it a go and let me know what you think.

3D Touch

3D Touch

New Today widget  

New Today widget  

The best way to return an iPhone

I've been doing a lot of testing over the last month or so resulting in me returning a couple of iPhone's. There are several options to do this, I wanted to share my thoughts on which one turned out to be the best.

In my experience returning it in store (if you are within a drive to the Apple Store) was the best. It's important to make sure you return it

  • With the original box
  • With the original accessories
  • Totally restored iPhone
  • No inserted SIM card

Take your receipt, it will be either the printed one they gave you or the email that was sent. The email will contain a PDF.

This method worked for me with the least amount of hassle.

Apple Watch repair update

As you probably heard if you follow me on Twitter I'm in the process of sending my second Apple Watch back for repair.

I've logged the error, had the return packaging, packed it up and it's being picked up by UPS tomorrow.

I'll keep you updated on how long it takes.