How to fix Nintendo Switch Joy-Con issues


I picked up a Nintendo Switch on launch and so far am loving it but I've found a potential issue that I wanted to write about.  It's in relation to the Joy-Con controllers, which work fine when plugged into the Switch but have started to disfunction when using disconnected from it.  

The problem I've experienced is the left stick either moves on it's own I.e. In Zelda link will run on his own or worse stop working completely.

After trying two different Joy-Con sets and having the same issue I've reached out to Nintendo for help but in the meantime found a workaround that seems to do the trick. 


Follow the on-screen instructions and once setup you should be back up and running.  

What we might see in iOS 10.3

It's about this time of year that we see the beta of the next point release in iOS and with it usually comes a few neat new features that I'm hoping are a bit more geared towards the iPad this time.

Here are some of my thoughts on what we might see in iOS 10.3

  • Improved split screen on iPad: At the moment side by side apps work well but there are no facilities available to drag and drop between them, I'd like to see this brought in the next release although it is probably more like a iOS 11 feature
  • iPad app switching: It's a bit of a nightmare switching apps when in split screen mode at the moment, when you want to switch all you get is a drop down view of all apps that support it. This feels like the first steps to making something more fully featured. I'm not sure of the best UI that could suit this but maybe a good approach would be to go back to the home screen
  • Dark mode: Not sure we will ever get one to be honest but some sort of dark keyboard mode in iOS would be nice, seems a relatively simple change and one that could come in iOS 10.3
  • Customisable control centre: Making control centre your own is the next logical step in it's evolution, I'd like this sooner rather than later so iOS 10.3 makes sense

That's it as far as I would see, even then it's a stretch to image all of these coming in a point release - I can but hope.

What would you like to see in iOS 10.3?

Reflecting on 2016 and taking a break


2016 has been a good year for my writing and the blog. I've gained some new readers via the newsletter (thanks everyone that signed up), contributed to The App Factor and I've been linked to by several outlets including The Loop. I'll be planning my 2017 goals soon but I think it's important to take a break every now and then.

So, I wanted to let everyone know that I'm taking a little break from blogging and the newsletter for the holidays.

I'll be back at it in the new year and will be sharing all my news via the newsletter.

Thanks for your support in 2016 and have a Happy Christmas and great New Year.

Cheers Lee

My current wallpaper

I wanted to start sharing more about my setup and what I use to get work done.

As a starter here is the wallpaper that I use across all my devices.

How I stopped spam Calendar invites

There are a few really good articles on how people are dealing with the recent influx of spam iCloud Calendar invites so I won't go over old ground but I did find another way that worked (so far!) for me.

Rather than creating a new 'spam' Calendar I decided to try a different approach.

What I did was to completely remove the iCloud Calendar from my local iOS devices and then re-enable them.

To do this

  • DO NOT Accept, Decline or Ignore the invite
  • Go to SETTINGS
  • Go to iCloud
  • Tap the switch next to Calendars, let it delete from your iPhone/iPad
  • Once it's deleted your local device go back into SETTINGS-->iCloud and then switch the Calendars back on

I really hope that Apple addresses this quickly as I'm seeing more and more reports each day of this.

How to get your PS4 ready for sale

If you follow me you will know I'm a big PlayStation fan and with the release of the PS4 Pro I've decided to sell my existing PS4 and go all in on the new model.

To make sure your data is safe you will need to clear down the hard drive and do a restore before selling. Here is what I did to clesr mine down.

  • Make sure you are running the latest operating system update
  • Deauthorise your PS4
  • Do a factory restore

It'll take a couple of hours to do a full restore but it's worth it.

Once you see the "plug in controller" screen you can turn off your console and pack it up.