How to send your Watch in for repair to Apple

One of the great things about having a developer account is being able to test all the new software releases early. One of the downsides however is the ease of bricking a device or regretting updating. 

This happened to me with watchOS 4, the only way you can downgrade is to send it into Apple for servicing.  

Here's how I did it. 

First off this process isn't standard so be patient if the support representative needs to contact their manager. For me the offshore team redirected me to a manager within the Irish office. I explained that I needed to send my Watch in for restoring to watchOS 3 and once the process was found it was straight forward. So, stage 1 is call Apple Support.

Stage 2, once you have received your confirmation of contacting Apple Support via email expect a box from UPS in a couple of business days. 

Stage 3, packing up your Apple Watch is straightforward and you get everything you need in the package delivered by UPS. Remember not to post your watch band back, just take it off and put the watch in the white box. 



Put it all in the supplied UPS bag and head off to your local UPS Center. Mine's only a few minutes walk away but if you don't have one locally you can simply get them to pick it up from your address.  

Now it's with UPS and on it's way to Apple expect a confirmation and status update the day after. This acknowledges receipt and that they are working on it.  

In my experience it's worked on and sent back the same day. You'll get it next working day. Pretty amazing service, from sending to getting it back might only take 3 days.  

What is Music Magpie good grading?

I recently purchased a couple of iPhones from Music Magpie and wanted to share some images of what the quality was like.

The first was an iPhone 6 in gold, rated at a good grade. Overall I'm pleased with the quality and price that I got here. No marks on the screen and only a few dings on the body.

Making a go at being independent

I've been writing on the internet since 2008, first off my guitar focussed blog and associated YouTube channel and then into tech when I got my first start with Future Publishing.

It stared with an app review that got printed in the UK Magazine Tap!. It was then that I realised that I loved writing rather than producing all of my YouTube content. I had built up a subscriber base of over 1000 but followed my passion for writing and started to concentrate on that.

I got into freelancing with posts for The Loop Magazine, RunAroundTech and later on The App Factor. Since then I also achieved one of my goals of writing for a big site by doing how to's for Cult of Mac.

Trying to balance a 9-5, being a writer and all the responsibilities of a family is a tricky one so I've decided to have a go at being an independent writer and dropping any freelance work. The more I thought of it the more I was a voice in a bigger echo chamber rather than building on what I already have here at LJPUK and serving my loyal readers and newsletter subscribers.


I have over 15 years experience in Software, everything from development to management and also a wealth of experience with working with app developers and writing technical documents so I have a lot in me to share with everyone.

To this end I have decided to open up sponsorship and started a support page over at Patreon to help fund the site and allow me to focus on building great content here.

I have lots of ideas and knowledge to share.

Thanks in advance for everyone that supports me on this journey.


How I use Things 3

If you've been following me for a while you will know that I am constantly tweaking my to do system. It's something I wish I did less of but can't help myself when a new app comes out.

Recently I decided to go all in with Apple Reminders but even though I am a one man band here on my site it still didn't help me keep on top of my day to day. I needed something that let me brain dump quickly, not worry about setting a specific time for an item and show me one view including my calendar.

With the release of the newly polished Things 3 I decided to jump in and try to use it as my daily system.

The best way I could think to share my experience was to do a series of blog posts rather than just the traditional review.

First off I wanted to share an image I created that explains how I use Things 3.

Here's how I use Things.  

Here's how I use Things.  

How to setup Gmail in iOS 11

I've been testing iOS 11 for a few days and I've gone back to using the native mail app with Gmail. Mail push seems to be working as well as iCloud and I no longer have to set it to only poll the server every 30 mins.

Here's how to set it up

Going iPad only with iOS 11

With the launch of iOS 11 I’ve been loving using my iPad again for everything. My MacBook has been sat gathering dust.

This led me to the idea of packing up my MacBook for the summer and only using my iPad with iOS 11 beta software.

As an independent writer, musician and photographer being my main hobbies I’ll be able to test several different aspects of iOS.

I’ll be sharing my experiences here and on twitter.


iOS 11: How to change the SIRI watch face

In watchOS 4 we have a new Siri watch face. This is supposed to show you the most relevant information as you need it. In my testing it’s been a mixed bag so far but has potential.

To change it's sources:

  • On your iPhone load the watch app
  • Tap the Siri watch face

You’ll now see some options for sources to turn on and off.


Apple doubles iCloud storage for free

This morning I received this email from Apple. I was surprised to say the least but after checking they have indeed given me double my storage leaving the monthly cost the same.


This is a great move, has yours been doubled? 

 Update: Seems it’s just for 1TB owners.