Lee Peterson, @LJPUK is a UK based instrumental guitarist and freelance writer.  His passion for guitar started at a young age and has played for over 20 years and in 2007 with the inspiration of YouTube a channel was started and over the next 3 years he gained an audience of over 2000 people and ranked within the top 40 musicians in the UK.  Being a visible musician he worked with a few large manufacturers including PRS Guitars and Marshall Amplification on video production and reviews.

Focussing on writing instrumental guitar his influences include Joe Satriani, Trent Reznor, Rob Chapman, Eric Johnson, Andy Timmons and Kirk Hammett.

He has written an EP, wrote the podcast theme for the New York Rangers fancast and is currently endorsed by Brit Picks.

In 2016 Lee is aiming to write a 5 track EP and get back into the swing of things with YouTube.

Lee uses PRS Guitars, Boss effects and Apple hardware.

As a freelance writer Lee writes about guitars and technology.  Some of his work has been featured on the web and in print, including Tap! and The Loop Magazine.

Examples of Lee's writing


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