IS PSVR (Playstation VR) worth buying?

I've owned the PSVR since launch and now we are over 9 months on I wanted to share my thoughts on whether it was a good purchase and if it's worth investing in yourself.

Spoiler: it’s not worth the investment.  

When it launched and for quite a few weeks afterwards I was loving playing job simulator and demoing it to visitors. I then started to notice very little being added to the catalog with VR support. 

With the exception of Resident Evil there wasn’t anything worth buying. Loading the store and trying to find VR games got a little demoralising and now PSVR has dropped in importance on the front page. 

This coupled with the feeling that no games makers are embracing the platform has me worrying for its future.  

The only game on the horizon that makes me excited is Ace Combat but I’ll get motion sickness. I’ve found slower paced VR games sit better with me .

I’m left with a device that’s sole purpose is to play job simulator.  

Sony haven’t invested the time and money it takes to get game developers on board and take it seriously. Unfortunately like a lot of Sony projects I feel this is destined for the scrap heap.  

Ambitious and a groundbreaking price for the technology but I feel strongly that it’s not living up to it’s promise and one to avoid.  

I may look back on this post with embarrassment in a few years but I’m confident in saying VR just isn’t mainstream enough.  


Imagining the new iPhone line up

There are leaks galore this year thanks to the HomePod firmware mistake from Apple so we know what the new iPhone is now going to look like. What we don’t know is it’s name so I thought I’d jot down some of my thoughts on this. 

My view is that with the addition of this so called flagship super expensive iPhone it’s time to rename the entire line up and bring it in line with something understandable. 

  • iPhone SE
  • iPhone
  • iPhone Pro

So this means

  • iPhone SE: the ‘affordable’ iPhone and for those that like a smaller form factor. Updated every two years but keeps same chassis  
  • iPhone: the core of the lineup. Available in 4.7” and 5.5”. Lose the Plus naming and brings the dual lens to the 4.7”. Just like iPad Pro, available in two sizes, pick the one that fits your needs
  • iPhone Pro: the new all screen fronted iPhone. Flagship technology and in personably lower production numbers

I feel that this naming makes sense, why would Apple release a 7s and 8 in the same year? For people looking at the numbers alone the 7s feels older than the 8 already. I also don’t like the rumoured edition naming, it’s elitist. 

I also feel that this would take some of the bad press off the supposed greater than $1100 iPhone.

If Apple single out the new all screen as a Pro model it will simplify the choice as it’s done to the iPad line over the last few years.  

What do you think? 

How to report spam in Instagram

Recently there has been a massive uptake in spam accounts liking my images and following me. These have become a problem daily for me now so I wanted to share how you can report these accounts. 

Instagram is really good at dealing with spam accounts quickly and makes it easy for you to flag them, here’s how.  

Tap the three dots in the top right, then REPORT

Tap the three dots in the top right, then REPORT



That’s it, you’ll get a notification letting you know what they have done about it within a day.  

Switching to Todoist

As you know I struggle with the concept of sticking to one system for any length of time. I admit it, I find it strangely satisfying switching. But, with my full time job, family and blogging it’s all become a bit too much to manage. I’ve been using Reminders sort of ok for the last few months but with the little attention show to it in iOS 11 I’ve given up.

I trust iCloud with my data so switching to something else had to win my trust. OmniFocus is my second go to but slow app performance and being too fiddly has me looking at other apps.

The default that most people seem to rave about is Todoist. I saw it is used by a lot of big organisations, people I trust and has encryption at rest and in transit meant it was worth a go.

I installed it on iOS 11 across all my devices and first off the iOS 10 version of the app works, phew.

First observations is that it’s quick to add new items to your inbox. It’s also straightforward to create new projects. I like the fact I can have an unordered list of items that I want to get done today but don’t need to set a time to exactly when I need a reminder. This is handy for some circumstances and is having a time associated with an item is available but personally I like a list for the day to work off.


The associated watch complication is a nice reminder that I have stuff to be getting on with and enables quick check off when on the go.

Sync is lighting quick and reliable so far.

All in all it’s a nice experience and I’ll report back in a few weeks.

Fixing iCloud Photo Library upload issues

I have a very slow connection at home (less than 1MB up) and as you can imagine uploading my images takes an age. I’m actually in the middle of uploading images to iCloud Photo Library from an airshow and a holiday. I’m at 50GB to go and expecting to the leave the iMac on constantly uploading for another month.

The problem I have run into however is that the upload just magically gets stuck for no apparent reason. Here’s what to do when this happens to you.

In Photos on the iMac go to the app preferences and you will see an iCloud tab. Click on this and then you can see the status of your uploads.

The first thing to try is to click ‘pause for one day’. Then click ‘resume’.

If this doesn’t work after you have waited at least ten minutes then the only way I have found to fix this is to turn the iMac off completely then start it all back again.

Let me know how you get on with iCloud uploads.

Apple seemingly confirms iPhone Pro

It would appear that Apple have given us the first look at its next generation iPhone. 



As usual, developer Steven Troughton Smith has dug into code and found evidence of the new design and face unlock. 

Here's the tweet.  

Either a leak or a massive cock up by Apple.  

Don't start blogging to make money - an update

I've been having a bit of a rethink of my writing over the last few weeks, especially when trying to build it as a viable business. I introduced sponsorship and a patreon account to try to help. In a nutshell it's been a disaster and made me realise that I can't sustain a good living by blogging. 

I have a full time job so for me blogging has always been a hobby but in the pursuit of trying to build the financial side of things I lost focus on actually enjoying writing. 

I can't compete with the numerous big publications that has a staff of writers so I need to refocus on what my blog was for in the first place. Sharing my thoughts on topics that interest me and helping others

It's also helped me realise that supporting independent writing isn't a priority for most people in the current climate. There are big issues and bills to be paid. Getting content from somewhere else is easy.  

If you follow my writing you will see some changes. 

  • Dropping monetisation of the site
  • Different topics, yes I've held off writing about other interests such as photography to focus on tech. This is going to change. I'll be writing about whatever interests me
  • A more relaxed feel, maybe even a redesign  

So, I'll be continuing to blog and building my audience and I hope you'll stick with me along the way.