Looking ahead to the Apple 21st March keynote

As you most likely aware there is an Apple keynote today and after taking a break I thought I would share my thoughts on what to expect.

iPhone SE

The much rumoured return to the 4" form factor with an updated 5s bringing it more in line with current hardware. Apple Pay, TouchID, better processor and camera. As someone that loved the 5c I am really looking forward to seeing how this turns out. I do miss the feel in the hand and pocket ability of the smaller iPhone models.

I may be tempted to trade in my 6s for one of these (yes, you may think I'm mad!).

A smaller iPad Pro?

The rumour goes that the functionality we see in the iPad Pro I.e. 4 speakers, Pencil support and a smart keyboard cover are all coming to the smaller 10" model. As much as I'd like this to stay a larger pro feature I have seen multiple friends that would love to get the Pencil on a smaller iPad.

If this happens I'm thinking the iPad line up is going to change names slightly to

  • iPad Mini
  • iPad
  • iPad Pro (10")
  • iPad Pro (13")

This is kind of in line with that happens on the MacBook line up with the Air, MacBook and Pro and makes sense. I really hope Apple continue to see benefit in the Mini, I am a little worried that they may drop it soon but it's such a great device and I am still using my 2nd gen daily.

iOS 9.3

Expect to see iOS 9.3 drop either today or Tuesday, I'm thinking more like in the week sometime rather than at the time of the event. I haven't really been using the BETA so I'm looking forward to using Nightshift mode on a daily basis to see if it has a positive effect on my sleeping patterns.

Apple Watch

No new Apple Watch but some more bands, an easy way to add some more interest in it and makes sense. Personally I still use (and love) the leather loop but a NATO style band would be interesting depending on how much it is.

Anything else?

I don't see any new hardware, maybe some software. I'd like to see a new revamped iTunes or at least a preview of what we can expect when it lands. I don't see any new software (as much as I would like to see Logic Pro on iOS!).

What are you most interested in?