Thoughts on the March 21

Thoughts on the 21st March Apple Keynote

I've had a chance to watch and digest my thoughts on yesterday's Apple Keynote so I wanted to share them with you.

Starting with encryption

After we were shown that Apple have 1 billion active devices we went onto to talk about the encryption. It's in the limelight at the moment for obvious reasons so it was fitting that Tim Cook started off refreshing our memories of what's happening and why they are making the stand they are.


A new face on the Apple stage today in Lisa Jackson (SVP of Environment, Policy and Social Initiatives) where she highlighted a some new initiatives and went through where Apple were on their goal of running their business off 100% renewable energy (they are currently at 94%!).

We were also introduced to LIAM:

This is such an awesome video, I'll let it do the talking.


Apple introduced a new open source framework called CareKit, letting developers create apps specifically aimed at letting you record your progress or deal specifically with patient after care.

I'll let the video do the talking, inspirational

Apple Watch

Most noticeable item here is that Apple have taken $50 off the price of the sport, an interesting move and should bolster sales in the run up to the summer where we are potentially going to get a new Watch. We get some more bands, a new nylon style and some nice new colours on the Sport band.

Apple TV

Get a new update to tvOS giving us Folders, SIRI search, live photos and iCloud Photo Library.

iPhone SE

The start of losing the numeric naming scheme of the iPhone range, something I think we will see when the iPhone 7 is released.

  • SE design
  • 16 GB ($399) 64 GB ($499)
  • Rose Gold
  • Touch ID/Apple Pay
  • Camera from iPhone 6s
  • Available 31st March (pre-order 24th)

iPad Pro

A new iPad Pro but this time it's in the 9.7" form factor rather than 12.9" we currently have. Makes complete sense given the features that the keyboard and pencil have given us, going to be a big seller.

  • 9.7"
  • Keyboard cover
  • Pencil support
  • True tone display to adjust the screen temperature based on ambient lighting
  • Camera from iPhone 6s (yes, it also has the bump)
  • Available 31st March (pre-order 24th)

iOS 9.3

  • Available 21st March
  • Night shift mode
  • Password protected Apple Notes
  • Activity health in

All in all a good event, light on software but we are only a few months away from WWDC and iOS 10 etc... I am looking forward to trying out the SE and the sales of the new iPad Pro are going to be interesting.

Roll on WWDC.