The importance of daily and weekly reviews when planning your TO DO

I've been a user of a to do app for years, well since I got my first iPhone in 2008. Before that (and still to some extent) pen and paper. It wasn't until a recent training course that the importance of daily and weekly review hit me and something I wasn't scheduling in or really formally doing.

It's really helped me keep on top of things so I wanted to share what I do.

Daily review is the first reminder that I see in the morning. It reminds me to look at the forecast view in Omnifocus that shows me all tasks due today and what my calendar appointments are. I check what I've got going on and either tick things off, commit to doing them or move them to tomorrow.

Weekly review is where I review everything in my Omnifocus app each Friday. For projects I have a good think about what I can commit to and leave them active or put them on hold.

Once I've run through this weekly review each task in my inbox is then looked at to make sure it's relevant and that it has a due date.

I'm no GTD expert, I've created my own system but these reviews both daily and weekly have been the single most important discovery for me in being more productive and lowering my stress levels. As a note you can see that I'm an Omnifocus user, which for me is the best app that I've used to get my head around seeing everything I have on in a clear and meaningful way. Its Forecast view combines your calendar with your task list and is a really powerful way of seeing what's on your plate.

Let me know if you do any kind of scheduled review.