Jet Black iPhone 7 after one week of use

This isn't a post to complain about how my precious iPhone 7 has been obtaining some wear and tear but the start of a series of posts to show how it's ageing over time. Since the iPhone 5 I've missed having something that I could use without a case and enjoy in the way that Apple intended. The Jet Black feels like a fusion of the 5C and 6, it feels great in the hand and as you might have read in my review one of the main reasons I chose to upgrade from my 6S.

I've been using it since last Saturday without a case and there are now some light scratches at the bottom of the phone (very hard to photograph but done my best in the first image below) and nothing anywhere else that I can make out.

I hope you enjoy seeing these posts, let's see how this thing looks over the next year.