Why I don’t recommend updating to iOS 11

I’ve been using iOS 11 since the beta and now it’s available to the public I’ve come to the conclusion there’s more downsides than up. Therefore I’m recommending you don’t update to it.

iOS 10 was a solid release, acceptable performance and a pretty consistent user experience. It just works and if you want your iOS device to continue to do this then don’t update.

Inconsistent /glitches

There’s inconsistencies of UI all over the place in iOS 11. Whilst I like the bolder more prominent header text in Apple’s own apps they cause a problem. Comparing two apps side by side shows differing spacing between them.

I’ve also experienced glitches such as data being hidden in the music app on the iPad. I’ve been raising this particular one since beta 1 and it’s in the Public release. Is someone sleeping in QA at Apple or do they just not care?

Performance problems

I get lag, from opening apps to app switching to flicking between home screens. When I’m talking about lag I mean visible stutter that take me out of the experience of using my device.

I’m on an iPhone 7 so not exactly a slow device. It’s like Apple care more about the look than feel.

Ever since iOS 7 performance hasn’t been top notch but it has been a fluid experience when using iOS. iOS 11 introduces more of these performance niggles that ruin the joy of using iOS.

Loss of features

I’ve talked about this quite a bit already but losing 3D Touch to app switch was unacceptable. To take away a feature just to benefit the highest end model of iPhone is border negligent.

Older hardware

Anything older than a latest generation iPad Pro or iPhone 7 and up should not be running iOS 11 period. If I’m seeing these performance issues on both my 10.5” iPad Pro and iPhone 7 it’s not going to be great on anything previous to it.

What to do?

Well, vote by staying on iOS 10. If Apple can see a slow adoption rate to iOS 11 they might actually take a deeper look at their software.

They might start asking why aren’t people upgrading. Hopefully when they probe a little more they will find posts like this one.

What are your thoughts on iOS 11?