What's on my home screen, April 2017 edition

I love looking at home screens and understanding how other people use their main devices. To kick this off I thought I'd share my current iPhone 7 one.


Wallpaper: Here

Most used apps

  • Calendar: I use the app that comes with iOS. I find it reliable and gives me a clear week by week view of how busy I am. I also like to use it's UP NEXT widget to let me quickly see what I have coming up
  • Mail: Even though I use Gmail as my primary mail provider I use the standard app that comes with iOS. Sync isn't the greatest when using Gmail but I like its calendar integration and simple design
  • Photos: As an iCloud Photo Library user I use Photos to manage my library across all devices
  • Notes: iOS 9 gave us a great update to Notes and it's become my go to notes app
  • Google Maps: I'm in the middle of a story about why I use it but generally I find the location information to be superior to Apple Maps
  • Day One: I use the older (classic) app version that syncs with iCloud. It's been fulfilling writing a journal almost everyday since 2011 and I'd recommend you all try it (I'm writing a story about how I do it)
  • Social apps: Instagram and Twitter are are my go to social networks but I use Facebook for friends and Slack for keeping in touch with communities I'm part of
  • Ulysses: When I'm writing up stories I do it in markdown within Ulysses. It's got a dark mode, clean UI and a way to organise your documents within a folder structure
  • Blog (by squarespace): This is how I update and post to this site on the go
  • Music: I'm an Apple Music subscriber and find it to the best (for me) having tried most of the services available
  • Overcast: My podcast app of choice

That's my current setup, please let me know how you use your device and setup your homescreen in the comments.