Thoughts on the Mac Pro announcement

Source: Daring Fireball

I was checking my Twitter feed at lunch yesterday and suddenly it exploded with news of a new Mac Pro. At first I thought it was a late April fools joke but on reading the above post from John Gruber I realised that it was indeed official.

Apple did something out of character (for the good) and gave us some insight into what their plans are to cater for the Pro market.

Now some (including me at various points yesterday) say that this is a sign of desperation and a little too late but the more I've digested it the more I realise that it took a lot for them to open up like this.

They have effectively said that the current Mac Pro form factor was a mistake. It was ambitious and I certainly wouldn't want them to stop trying things like this but they missed the mark with the lack of updates. They turned the Mac Pro into an appliance and didn't update.

Key points I took away

  • Current Mac Pro is being updated spec wise but no price change, bad move. I would have kept the specs the same but discounted by £500
  • Mac Mini feels like it's going to be discontinued
  • Don't expect any revolutionary updates from Apple in 2017
  • New "iMac Pro" coming later this year
  • Laptops make up the majority of Mac sales
  • Newly designed Mac Pro probably coming 2018 but a watch this space so a little worrying. I'd like to think Apple give some more detail at WWDC in June
  • Apple aren't out of the display business and are planning to make their own display. Wonder how LG feels right about now...

Personally I love my 5K iMac so not in the market for a Mac Pro but looking forward to seeing what happens here.

My gut says that it's too late for some Pro users who already feel abandoned and Apple are back tracking.

Being optimistic though it's great to see Apple opening up and sharing some news about their plans to address this gap.

What do you think?