MacBook, three months later


I've been using a 2015 MacBook for a few months now and wanted to share my thoughts on what it's like to live with one day in day out.

I picked mine up refurbished direct from Apple with the following spec:

  • 2015 model
  • 8GB Ram
  • 256GB SSD

I actually sold my 12.9" iPad Pro to help fund this purchase to help my freelance writing so it had to be able to do that job. It's not a heavy workload computationally but being able to use multiple windows and quickly switch between spaces was a must.

Here's what I do on it:

  • Simple photo editing from my DSLR using Pixelmator
  • Writing in Ulysses
  • Video editing in iMovie, only once a month or so and nothing heavy
  • Listen to music via iCloud Music Library
  • All the socials...

I've split my thoughts up as follows:


There isn't a lot of key travel and the keys themselves sit pretty flat so I guarantee it won't be like any keyboard you've used before. When I first started I made a lot of mistakes and to this day I am still making the odd one here and there. It's taking me a while to adjust but I'm sticking with it. It's not as good as my previous MacBook Pro but Apple don't make these anymore so there's that.

If you want to stick using an Apple laptop then you have to embrace this new keyboard design.

Dongle life

I'm not going to lie it's a pain only having one USB-C port on your main portable machine. The saving grace on this model is that the battery lasts a long time, especially for me using it a couple of hours every night. The only dongle I've bought is the USB-C to USB-A so I can use all of my usual USB accessories.

Main gripe is that I really miss my SD Card Reader from my MacBook Pro. I use the USB dongle so that I can attach one.

Also take into account you can't charge and use a dongle at the same time unless it has power pass through.


It's like carrying around an iPad. I'll sacrifice convenience over portability. I often move around the house and like to switch positions when working and the MacBook has been the perfect machine to do this. I have the power of macOS in an iPad like form factor.


A retina display that is stunning. Great colours and detail, nothing negative to say here at all.

What I love

  • Portability
  • Battery life, lasts me a few days with 3 hours use per day
  • Screen

What I don't love (hate is a strong word...)

  • Keyboard takes some getting used to
  • Lack of SD Card slot

Overall thoughts

Despite the less than ideal keyboard I actually really love my little MacBook. It's more than powerful enough, lightweight, fits in my camera bag and looks gorgeous.

That being said if Apple had put this display in the 11" MacBook Air then it would have been my perfect machine.

I would recommend that if you are thinking of buying one then don't sight unseen. Get yourself to a store and have a good type on that keyboard. Some people are going to love it and others really hate it. I'm not a huge fan of it but it gets the job done.

I've got an iMac as the main desktop at home so don't spend all my time on it, I'd recommend a dock or at least a Bluetooth keyboard if you plan to use it as your main machine.

So, I'm glad I've got one. I do miss my iPad, especially the pencil but for what I need the MacBook does a great job.