How I use Things 3

If you've been following me for a while you will know that I am constantly tweaking my to do system. It's something I wish I did less of but can't help myself when a new app comes out.

Recently I decided to go all in with Apple Reminders but even though I am a one man band here on my site it still didn't help me keep on top of my day to day. I needed something that let me brain dump quickly, not worry about setting a specific time for an item and show me one view including my calendar.

With the release of the newly polished Things 3 I decided to jump in and try to use it as my daily system.

The best way I could think to share my experience was to do a series of blog posts rather than just the traditional review.

First off I wanted to share an image I created that explains how I use Things 3.

Here's how I use Things.  

Here's how I use Things.