Making a go at being independent

I've been writing on the internet since 2008, first off my guitar focussed blog and associated YouTube channel and then into tech when I got my first start with Future Publishing.

It stared with an app review that got printed in the UK Magazine Tap!. It was then that I realised that I loved writing rather than producing all of my YouTube content. I had built up a subscriber base of over 1000 but followed my passion for writing and started to concentrate on that.

I got into freelancing with posts for The Loop Magazine, RunAroundTech and later on The App Factor. Since then I also achieved one of my goals of writing for a big site by doing how to's for Cult of Mac.

Trying to balance a 9-5, being a writer and all the responsibilities of a family is a tricky one so I've decided to have a go at being an independent writer and dropping any freelance work. The more I thought of it the more I was a voice in a bigger echo chamber rather than building on what I already have here at LJPUK and serving my loyal readers and newsletter subscribers.


I have over 15 years experience in Software, everything from development to management and also a wealth of experience with working with app developers and writing technical documents so I have a lot in me to share with everyone.

To this end I have decided to open up sponsorship and started a support page over at Patreon to help fund the site and allow me to focus on building great content here.

I have lots of ideas and knowledge to share.

Thanks in advance for everyone that supports me on this journey.