Don't start blogging to make money - an update

I've been having a bit of a rethink of my writing over the last few weeks, especially when trying to build it as a viable business. I introduced sponsorship and a patreon account to try to help. In a nutshell it's been a disaster and made me realise that I can't sustain a good living by blogging. 

I have a full time job so for me blogging has always been a hobby but in the pursuit of trying to build the financial side of things I lost focus on actually enjoying writing. 

I can't compete with the numerous big publications that has a staff of writers so I need to refocus on what my blog was for in the first place. Sharing my thoughts on topics that interest me and helping others

It's also helped me realise that supporting independent writing isn't a priority for most people in the current climate. There are big issues and bills to be paid. Getting content from somewhere else is easy.  

If you follow my writing you will see some changes. 

  • Dropping monetisation of the site
  • Different topics, yes I've held off writing about other interests such as photography to focus on tech. This is going to change. I'll be writing about whatever interests me
  • A more relaxed feel, maybe even a redesign  

So, I'll be continuing to blog and building my audience and I hope you'll stick with me along the way.