Fixing iCloud Photo Library upload issues

I have a very slow connection at home (less than 1MB up) and as you can imagine uploading my images takes an age. I’m actually in the middle of uploading images to iCloud Photo Library from an airshow and a holiday. I’m at 50GB to go and expecting to the leave the iMac on constantly uploading for another month.

The problem I have run into however is that the upload just magically gets stuck for no apparent reason. Here’s what to do when this happens to you.

In Photos on the iMac go to the app preferences and you will see an iCloud tab. Click on this and then you can see the status of your uploads.

The first thing to try is to click ‘pause for one day’. Then click ‘resume’.

If this doesn’t work after you have waited at least ten minutes then the only way I have found to fix this is to turn the iMac off completely then start it all back again.

Let me know how you get on with iCloud uploads.