Switching to Todoist

As you know I struggle with the concept of sticking to one system for any length of time. I admit it, I find it strangely satisfying switching. But, with my full time job, family and blogging it’s all become a bit too much to manage. I’ve been using Reminders sort of ok for the last few months but with the little attention show to it in iOS 11 I’ve given up.

I trust iCloud with my data so switching to something else had to win my trust. OmniFocus is my second go to but slow app performance and being too fiddly has me looking at other apps.

The default that most people seem to rave about is Todoist. I saw it is used by a lot of big organisations, people I trust and has encryption at rest and in transit meant it was worth a go.

I installed it on iOS 11 across all my devices and first off the iOS 10 version of the app works, phew.

First observations is that it’s quick to add new items to your inbox. It’s also straightforward to create new projects. I like the fact I can have an unordered list of items that I want to get done today but don’t need to set a time to exactly when I need a reminder. This is handy for some circumstances and is having a time associated with an item is available but personally I like a list for the day to work off.


The associated watch complication is a nice reminder that I have stuff to be getting on with and enables quick check off when on the go.

Sync is lighting quick and reliable so far.

All in all it’s a nice experience and I’ll report back in a few weeks.