Destiny 2 thoughts

I picked up (with some trepidation) Destiny 2 on the PS4 at launch not knowing if I would like it or not. I'd played a lot of the original and although I enjoyed the soundtrack and looks of the game it got very repetitive as each section of the map seemed like the same thing.

 I'm only about 5 hours into Destiny 2 but I am already enjoying it more than the first. There is a story driven campaign that has a great voice cast, engaging plot and awesome soundtrack. It still takes a little while to get into the way the game is structured but once you have that under your belt you're good to go. If you are used to games like Call of Duty then the lack of a linear story will have you a little confused to start with but once you have this down it's nice to be able to play the game at your own pace.

The game is structured using a 'navigator' that shows different play areas including 'The Crucible' that allows you to play online, something I didn't do a lot of in the first game. This allows you to jump out of whatever you are doing at any time you like and do something else.

As you progress though the game you level up gaining new upgrades that you collect along the way to increase your ability to take and deal out more damage to opponents. This also applies to online so makes matches really interesting and some of the best multiplayer I've experienced.

 So a thumbs up for the single player campaign and online.

 The visual experience is also some of the best I've come across on a console. I'm playing on PS4 Pro in 4K, no HDR support. It plays and looks great, no screen tearing and really immersive environments.

 For me it's one of those games that I just want to keep playing and time passes way to quickly.

 Downsides so far...

  1. Load times between areas are a little longer than I would like, they do show a nice shot of your ship flying to your goal but I wish they didn't happen so often
  2. Lack of guidance on how to move forward in the campaign, sometimes it's not clear how you move onto the next stage
  3. Moving into your inventory screen doesn't pause the game, this would be nice as I've been caught out a few times where I want to adjust something and get killed off
  4. The Crucible seems to take an age to find compatible players, this has taken at least 5 minutes each time I want to play for me

 So am I glad I picked up Destiny 2 - definitely.

If you have been put off by your experience of the first game I'd definitely recommend checking it out, it gets a lot right and even though multiplayer can sometimes take a while to get going it's really engaging.

 Have you played Destiny 2 yet?