The only surprise left in the iPhone X announcement

Thanks to an error by Apple in leaking homepod firmware and an employee leaking the GM seed of iOS 11 we have very little left to look forward to in the iPhone X keynote.

To be honest I almost didn't even write this post as be my 'what to expect' post but after having a think about it we might know most of the detail but not the marketing message.

Two key things for me:

  1. If we have FaceID, how are Apple going to market the fact there is no longer TouchID and how do they manage Apple Pay?
  2. What the price will be for the iPhone X?

As good as the new (mostly) bezel free iPhone will most probably look the only takeaway is going to be 'How much!'. My best guess is £999 for the lowest storage tier - 128GB. It's going to be a hard sell for most and Apple will be hoping that most people overlook it and go for the iPhone 8 models instead, which should be in good supply.

I'll most probably pick up an X if I can for reviewing but whether I'll keep it long term might be another thing. If it comes with a cracking camera then I'll most probably be sold on it but if it doesn't at least match the plus model I'll be leaving it.

What are your thoughts on the pricing?