Offering better value for money in the iPhone X

If you’ve been following me on Twitter you’ll know that I’m not the biggest fan of the iPhone X. I feel that pricing it where they have is making some uses move onto payment plans and take out unnecessary credit to get it. It also sets a precedence that if you want the best iPhone available you have to spend over £1000.  

Regardless of what I think Apple doesn’t care about that, it’s a business looking after it’s bottom line. We have to remember that under Tim Cook profits and revenue is soaring and wherever they can make money off us loyal users they will. Between watch bands and dongles it’s pretty obvious that Apple sometimes takes away practically to give itself an avenue to make more money.

I’m still sceptical about the loss of the headphone jack. It sometimes feels like it was just a way to sell AirPods. Regardless we are here to talk about the iPhone X.  

With the introduction of the X, Apple has a line up that starts at £349 and tops out at £1,149. That’s got a lot of bases covered and I think that it’s a great range of iPhones to cater for most needs. 

On paper that range seems ok, but where I feel Apple is taking us for a ride is when we get to looking at value for money. Someone smarter than me could explain why Apple have dropped the 128GB storage option for both the 8 and X. 

128GB is a great middle ground and proved best value for money in my opinion. Most people use iCloud and some kind of streaming music service but not everyone stores their pictures in the cloud. Offering 64GB as a starting point on the 8 and X, which both offer high quality video and pictures isn’t enough and just forces people to spend that extra £150 to get 256GB.

Offering an iPhone with just 64GB at £999 isn’t good value for money. 

This problem could go away with one simple change. Apple should offer you as much free storage as you need to store all of your photos, just like Google. 

Offering this service would be a good initiative to get more users backing up their photos but also take away the need for a lot of us (me included) to spend money on extra storage we might not need. 

What do you think?