What’s happening with Star Wars at Disney?

With the recent news of Colin Trevorrow walking away from Episode IX I’ve started to lose some faith in the powers that be, namely Kathleen Kennedy and co.

I for one was looking forward to the Jurassic World directors take on the Star Wars universe but creative differences seems to have removed another director. Brining in another writer to redo the script isn’t exactly a massive vote of confidence.

With reshoots of Rogue One and the directors of the Han Solo movie being fired at such a late stage it’s becoming a little worrying for a die hard fan like me.

Surely this doesn’t make directing a Star Wars movie much fun for up and coming directors out there.

Personally I feel like they are worrying too much about creating a poor movie in the franchise. Guys, we had the prequels we are already capable of dealing with it. You can’t make every film a success.

Now to think about who is going to replace him?