RAC Traffic app

RAC Traffic is an iPhone app that could be really useful if the RAC actually were bothered about us using it.  It's not been updated for a long time and if you are using an iPhone 5 it's not been resized for the screen size. On loading the app (when it doesn't crash) you are presented with a MAP view, which is largely obscured by an ad - not helpful RAC.  I found it did find my location most of the time but on occasion it thought I was in stevenage all the time.  There is also a really small refresh arrow on screen but it's too close to the information one so it's difficult to hit first time.  There is a refresh button but I found the app crashed a lot of the time.

In summary i'd look at the highways agency app, which although isn't amazing is much better than this app.

The Point: Don't bother taking up space on your iPhone with this one.