Where to sell your iPhone in the UK

With the impending iPhone announcement those of us due an upgrade (or just like Apple's newest toy) it's time to start to think about your options.  From my experience of buying and selling phones (since the original iPhone came out) I thought I would share what I've learned along the way to help others.

What do I currently have?

It's important now to take stock of what you are currently using, it's original box and accessories.  What I mean here is that if you hope to get the best value be honest, look around your device and check for scratches and battle damage.  I'm not a user of cases and over the time I have a phone I normally have a mishap somewhere along the way so I put it under natural light and take an assessment.  Remember even if you have a phone with a cracked screen you are going to get some value for it.

The original box and accessories are only really important if you plan to sell privately, don't worry about them if you plan to sell to a third party.


Now that you have taken a look and graded your phone it's time to talk options.

  • eBay: Best prices but most hassle (in my experience).  Let's take my example of a 32GB iPhone 5c in good condition I would expect around £250 on the top end.  This would be with the original box and accessories.  I would then have to pop to my local post office and send off (assuming it's a real bidder) and wait for their feedback.  In my experience when I'm open and honest about the condition I get little problems but I have friends that have run into problems with people seeing the item and complaining.
  • Fonebank: The main place I have sold my devices in the past, at the moment they are offering £190 for my phone.  It is zero hassle and you don't need to worry about sending anything back with it.  They send you a package (or you can print off) what you need to send, post then once checked they send you a cheque for the amount agreed.  I've used them for iPad's and iPhone's and always got the same amount as originally stated on their site.
  • CEX: Similar experience to Fonebank here but offering slightly lower amount at £174.
  • Sellmymobile: This is a good price comparison site that I've used in the past and a good place to start if you want to do your own searching.
  • Gumtree: Good for selling locally with the advantage that the buyer can meet you and check the device before parting with the cash.  I've used this service loads of times for selling on guitar gear, definitely worth considering over eBay.


Based on my experience of using these services over the years I would definitely recommend using a third party and avoid the hassle of potential problem buyers.  Yes you could make an extra £50 or so but for the amount of headspace that a problem takes up for me I'd rather make a little less and have piece of mind.

Let me know what you have used in the past and your experience in the comments.