iPhone 5c durability

I've been using a white iPhone 5c since December last year and I wanted to post a few pictures to show you how it's been holding up in the past 8 or so months.

To give you an idea of how my iPhone goes about it's daily business, it's not in a case and has no screen protector.  It gets put in my bag, pocket and often goes in with other items but I am careful not to willingly put it against keys and cash.

It's been dropped onto concrete several times and down a couple of flights of stairs and I'm really impressed with the build quality (although I did have to pop the screen back in once).

I've a couple of cracks on the edges of the screen, a few dings on the sides and the back is pretty battle damaged but it's still going and I'm not intending on trading in my Apple Care + just yet to get a new one.