Ordering the iPhone 6

It's almost here and at the time of writing this I have an iPhone 6 ordered and waiting for delivery with Apple.. but it wasn't a smooth launch from their perspective.

At the Apple event (and on their site) they confirmed that orders could be taken from 8am (UK) time on the 12th Sept with delivery on the 19th.  I had Twitter launched and was prepared to order via the Apple Store app on my iPhone.

8am came and went and there was a barrage of comments on Twitter, especially after the problems they experienced in their live feed.  I didn't constantly refresh but did check every 5 minutes or so.  There were reports coming in that the store had opened in the states but here in the UK the app was crashing constantly, then at around 8:25am (UK) I checked Safari and it was up.

I rushed in and ordered a 128GB iPhone 6 in Space Grey, once I managed to enter all of my payment information it appeared to go through.

I also ordered AppleCare+, which has now shipped ahead of the phone that I'm keeping my fingers crossed I get on Friday.

How was the experience for you?, did you get what you wanted?