Getting ready for iOS 8

With iOS 8 being released tomorrow I thought I would write up a post on how I get ready for it.

There are two different schools of thought here, just upgrade your device or start from scratch. 

Given its a major release I would always take the opportunity to start from scratch.  I've found that over time your device performance does go down so having a fresh start is a good habit to be in every now and again., especially with any major release of iOS.

First off I'd recommend making a backup to your computer or iCloud.  I only backup to my computer to save space in iCloud for documents etc - most of my information is in the cloud somewhere so I don't tend to worry about losing information.

Take this opportunity to review what it is you actually use on a daily basis, if you are starting from scratch it would be a good time to weed some of those apps that you don't use anymore.  I use Apple Notes to create this list, that way it's there for future use - yes you will need to log into all of your services again and restore in app purchases but for me it's worth it.

So we have backed up, written down a list of apps we use frequently and thought about the ones that we will need to add any previous in app purchases.

The next stage for me is to review my Newsstand app (on my iPad) to check in on the magazines installed and any that have a recurring subscription, I need to remember to go back in and enable my subscription again.

The last stage for me is a once over in the settings menu checking my mail settings (the accounts I decided to keep an eye on), check over my music apps for important playlists I want to re-download to the device and remind myself to turn on iTunes Match.

On plugging in your device to iTunes next time make sure that under devices you click 'Restore iPad' or 'Restore iPhone', iTunes should check to see if there is a latest update (should be iOS 8 if you are doing this on the 17th Sept) and let it download.

I then set up in iTunes first I.e. the name of the device, copy over any movies, audiobooks and sync apps under the 'App' tab within the 'Devices' section of iTunes.

Once that is complete I remove the device from iTunes and continue setting up the WiFi, add iCloud, add my other mail accounts, download my magazine subscriptions, download any music I want locally and log into all of my most used apps.

Good luck to everyone that will be updating to iOS 8 tomorrow, remember there are going to be millions of people updating their devices so be patient - if it doesn't download straight away or take ages go outside take a walk and relax.