How I freelance write whilst working full time

It's the first day of 2015 as I write this and reflect on what I've accomplished and what my goals are for the year.  I sat down wrote a list of long form posts I'd like to share and the first one that stood out was sharing my experiences of writing/blogging in my spare time whilst still working full time for a FTSE 100.

I am passionate about technology, guitars and photography - that's my motivation, to share my experiences and thoughts on these subjects with the community.  I actually started out on YouTube around 2007 and built up a good following, gave away some guitars and worked with some large manufacturers including PRS and Marshall.  After a few years I got into writing initially by writing on my blog (Guitarist Hub, no longer running) but got my taste for it by writing an app review for Tap!.  Seeing my published article and the feedback I was getting really drove me towards spending more time focussed on this passion.

I've run several blogs over the years but now settled on LJPUK.COM as my home on the internet, here is where I concentrate my efforts (although I do also share on Medium).

Well back to the point of this post.

Writing full time, whether for a site or magazine was always going to be difficult to do full time straight away with my commitments to my family but by balancing it in my spare time as a freelance writer it has become something that I'm able still able to enjoy.  I'm not going to lie it does take it's toll sometimes, balancing the stresses of the day to day and commitments around home but it's something that you can do with the right motivation.

I'd like to share my experience with an aim to helping others that are on the same or want to go down a similar path to me.

  • Be realistic with your time available to write, don't overcommit yourself - I tended to do one per month then write for myself here
  • Don't pressurise yourself by setting yourself a hard goal like 'I will post daily'
  • Organise yourself by using a To Do app or Notepad to write down what posts you want to write
  • Build your social network, you are probably already on G+, Twitter etc. but make an effort to share your articles
  • Interact with likeminded people on your social networks and on your favourite blogs
  • Enjoy it (or there is no point in doing it!)

I hope that this post has helped you, please let me know in the comments or on Twitter if it has, I'd love to hear from you.