The LG Tone Infinim is a bluetooth headset with a design that stands out from the crowd, which I specifically purchased to use when going on long walks and exercise sessions.  I was fed up of my wired ones getting snagged on clothing and the length of the cable meant I always had to put my phone into the same pocket.  These allow you to listen to music, take calls and (on Android) read out your notifications - being an iOS user I am not able to review this feature.

 The LG TONE INFINIM comes nicely boxed

The LG TONE INFINIM comes nicely boxed

There are a lot of bluetooth headsets but it was a recommendation on Macbreak Weekly that got me interested, the design looked unique and I liked the fact that the earbuds retracted into the body to help with storage.

Note: I've broken this review into sections to make it easier to focus on one area at a time

It's a well boxed device, not too much wastage and pretty much all recyclable.  Inside along with the headset you get a booklet, charge cable and a choice of ear buds depending on your ear canal size.

 Different tips are included  

Different tips are included  


It looks futuristic and like nothing else out there, you are going to either love or hate it.  Personally I love the design but it does take a few go's to get used to where all the buttons are.  You actually forgot you are wearing them after a while, especially if you have taken out the ear buds and retracted them back into the body of the headset.

I had no problem wearing them with any clothing I have and they also work well tucked under a jumper when you are out for those cold morning walks.

The only downside of the design is that they feel quite brittle, definitely not a headset I would feel comfortable throwing into a bag or going out in the rain with.

 Design is sleek and unique  

Design is sleek and unique  

Connectivity and battery life

Connecting to my iPhone 6 was a breeze, turned them on then went into the bluetooth settings on the phone settings.  Once paired that's it, when I turn them on now I get an audible response from the headset and I can see that it's connected in the status bar on the iPhone.

Battery life has been impressive, I use them for around 3 hours a day and I get on average 5 days out of them.

 Charging is easy using the included micro USB

Charging is easy using the included micro USB

Sound quality
They are harman/kardon branded, who are top notch sound experts but I can't vouch for how much of an input they had into the process.  All I know is that they sound great, slighly bass heavy (which I like) and from listening to everything from classical to heavy rock I found the experience to be enjoyable.

I also love listening to podcasts and have found them to be great for voice, with the bass response the sound is deep and rich.

Lastly being that they sit inside the ear the sound isolation is superb, shutting out a lot of the outside and I found that even when walking on a busy road or pushing the vacuum around the house I wasn't fiddling with the volume at all.

Where would I like to see any improvements?
At £80 they are a great set of headphones if you are after a bluetooth connectivity but I would like to see a few improvements on the following

  • Can't fold them to fit in a bag
  • The volume control is more of a slider and with it being he same style as the track seek switch it's hard to remember which is which when you are wearing them.  I'd like to see the volume split into a separate up and down on two diffent small buttons
  • I wouldn't trust them in the rain, I would like to see some weather proofing.  At the moment they don't look like they are going to take much water so you can't use them outside if it looks like it's going to rain at all


If you are after a set of bluetooth headphones that look great, sound great and are comfortable you can't go far wrong with these.  If you are using them for sports you should review the other ones in the range but for general use in the office or less intense work outs I am recommending that you try these out.

Please let me know in the comments if you have a pair and how you find them.