Some Samsung Galaxy S6 thoughts

Samsung have this week at MWC shown off the Galaxy S6 and I'm left thinking that they have mostly followed the rest of the market again with little innovation.

What I didn't like

  • Samsung Pay - come on...
  • I've seen images of the phone all over Twitter today and it looks to take some design cues from the iPhone, especially at the bottom - check out a side by side of them from the bottom
  • Fingerprint sensor that is built into the button rather than a swipe, like TouchID
  • All of my friends with a Galaxy love them for removable battery and durability - the S6 potentially breaks this

What I like

  • The curved screen looks to be a take on the sloped off screen from the iPhone 6/+ but it's much more pronounced and a key design feature that lets the S6 standout from the rest in the store
  • An updated TouchWiz at last - yes it's still there but seems to be a lot more in line with Lollipop.  The side gestures also look a great take on UI design and I am particularly interested in looking at the quick contact access
  • Good representation of gender at the keynote - first time that I've seen female employees at a phone keynote, something Apple could take note of

So there are positives and negatives here, Samsung hasn't blown me away and after watching the keynote has me thinking they are a 'me too' organisation and have taken a definite move to the high end, away from removable batteries and waterproofing to take on the iPhone.

I think this is a risky strategy for Samsung but the proof will be in the pudding when we start to see financial figures next year.