The iPhone 6 case roundup

If you are a reader of this blog already or you follow me on twitter you will know that I have a love/hate relationship with cases, on one hand they give you some grip but on the other they often frustrate me with small openings for headphones or take away from the Apple design, which let's be honest is one of the main reasons we love our iPhones so much.

I thought I would write something up to highlight the cases I have tried over the last six months so far and offer up my thoughts on the ones I liked and recommend you try.

Official Apple leather case

The official Apple case is top quality but you pay the price, it retails at £35 and can be purchased via Apple in store or online.  I have tried both the black and brown versions and I found the brown version to be slightly more high quality and seems to be a grippier finish.  Yes I appreciate this may sound a little strange but the texture of the leather does vary between the different finishes in my experience.

It offers good sized openings all around and with the exposed bottom it won't stop you from using your favourite headphones although this opening may put some people off who want a more rounded package for protection.  In terms of bulk, it doesn't add a great deal but definitely enough to know you are using a case.  Personally I didn't find the extra thickness to be an issue with anywhere I put the phone and for certain uses (like in the car) I preferred the extra storage options over a naked phone e.g. I could put it in the centre console now given the extra grip of the case.

I'd say that if you want a case that offers good protection, is in line with Apple design and don't mind paying a bit extra then this is the case to get.

Desmay Slight 6

The Desmay Slight case is for those of us that want some protection but don't want to ruin the form factor of the phone itself.  At 0.35mm it's REALLY thin and once you have it on there it's hard for people to notice you are even using a case.  This does however make it a little brittle so you won't want to be taking it off and on too many times, something I can personally vouch for.  I've damaged the top corner of mine as I had to take it on and off a few times to test some more cases.

The case is so thin you won't have a problem using any accessories and it will even fit into a dock, something that I used it daily with.

It doesn't offer a massive amount of extra grip over the naked phone but it's on the sides that you notice a difference and through this makes it a little less slippery.

This case is for those of us that aren't too worried about a large amount of drop protection but want to prevent scratches and add a little more grip.

ScreenKnight Invisible Shield

The ScreenKnight Invisible Shield is a thin film that you apply to both the font and back of your phone.  It's similar to a lot of these 'invisible' shields on the market and offers a great way to protect from scratches without diminishing the looks of your phone.

As with any screen protector installation can be infuriating if you are OCD about dust but I found if you wipe the screen off first then soak the film in a dish of water beforehand it generally works out ok.

I found that it offered a nice amount of grip to the back and the screen was still nice and clear with the front protector applied.

The downside that I noticed was that when I took it off the back of the phone it left a horrible sticker residue that took me ages to remove properly and left me not wanting to reapply another one.