How to build a basic podcasting setup on a budget

I had the bright idea to start podcasting last year, I had a think about what content I wanted to create and start to plan some shows.  A few months later I'm hosting The Guitar Show on the British Tech Network, we are 5 episodes in and I've also been on the MAC and BIG shows so I thought I would write something up on my basic podcasting set up.

At the start I tested a few MIC's that I had at my disposal (BOSE in ear headphones and APOGEE ONE) but wasn't satisfied with either of them - I realised I had a challenge on my hands to build a podcasting setup on a budget (less than £300 total).

Microphone selection

So I needed a microphone that didn't cost the earth but produced good sound quality, after digging around on YouTube I came to the conclusion that the best to start with was the YETI by BLUE.  It seemed to get great reviews and I liked what I heard from YouTube samples.  I picked one up for around £110 and once I had connected to my MAC I knew immediately that I had made the right choice.

It was easy to use, easy to setup and I could use it with SKYPE for podcasts I dialled into or ones that I would eventually host with guests.

The sound was 100% better than anything I had recorded with guitar gear and it had a nice natural sound - it sounded like me!!


As I saw it, I had two choices (1) Garageband (Free) (2) Logic Pro X (£149).

I knew Garageband but from what I saw from some of my favourite podcasters Logic Pro X seemed to the way to go, after all I was still below my budget.  I pulled the trigger and purchased it via the app store.  I have to admit it was quite scary at first but the interface wasn't too dissimilar to Garageband and I felt that I could start work straight away.


So there you have it, a £110 MIC and £149 piece of software and I have my basic podcasting set up.

(Update: I've also now purchased the Audio-technica ATH-M50X headphones for monitoring at £100, these aren't essential and any headphones can be used for podcasting).