Apple Watch: Four weeks later

It's been just over four weeks since the launch of the Apple Watch and I thought I would write something up on where I am today with the Apple Watch i.e. what I still use, where I have found it most useful etc...

Daily wear (and tear)

I'm still finding it comfortably to wear and not really considered get another band to be honest, the one that comes with the sport is performing just fine for me. The band is showing some signs of wear and tear as you would expect, this is mainly on the inside where the loop goes back under it itself.

The watch itself is holding up well, I don't have any scratches but there is a slight gap between the screen and body and dust has started to settle here a little. This was as it came out of the box so will most probably make a genius appointment to sort this out once stock becomes a bit more readily available.

What I use it for most

  • Notification management; I have replied to messages and phone calls via my watch, this is the limit of what I have allowed myself to get sent to my watch - it's the same as on my phone, I don't like to have everything notifying me
  • Fitness; I've used this feature the most, I use the workout app to track my daily walks and keep track of my progress as I go
  • Watch faces; Yes, I am using it to tell the time but I've found the complications really useful to see how I am progressing on my activity goals throughout the day
  • Now playing glance; this is great to control my music, even if I have my phone next to me I'm finding I use it but for the main it's when I'm out walking


Battery has been excellent, on a normal day with a couple of 1 hour walks I'm left with about 40% left at the end of the day, I've gotten into the habit of putting on the charger every night before bed so it's ready to go the next day.

Frustrations and improvements

I wouldn't say there are any things that make me want to give up wearing my watch but I have a couple of observations

  • I hardly ever use the quick access to contacts button, hoping we can customise this at some point - I'd love to be able to make this a shortcut to anything I want
  • A native Reminders and Notes app; as I've talked about a few times now I'd like to see these as native apps

So, overall I'm happy with my purchase and am looking forward to WWDC and some Watch OS or Native apps news. It's changed the way that I do things on a day to day basis from a fitness and productivity perspective and we are still only on version 1 of this product.