How the Apple Watch can help with Productivity

If you are long follower of my writing you will know one subject I'm passionate about is productivity, particularly on Apple gear so with the invent of the Apple Watch I thought I would share some of my initial thoughts.

What I use?

I like to stick to core Apple (excuse the pun) apps for productivity where I can - Notes, Reminders, Mail and Calendar. I use this across my MacBook Pro, iPhone 6, iPad Mini and the latest addition the Apple Watch.

Shortcomings in my set up

I have experienced some shortcomings using this setup since the Apple Watch's release. The main one that I wanted to touch on here was the lack of native Notes and Reminders apps on the Watch. At the moment I get reminders push through notifications (great!) but I am unable to view or add to any of my lists. I am also unable to view my notes on the Watch, this would be really handy for getting to your notes.

How have I gotten around the shortcomings?

As much as I didn't want to start using a third party app I used two that have served me well whilst Apple are getting their ducks in a row with Watch OS

  • Clear: This has become my main app of choice for maintaining lists on the go, I do this for shopping lists etc.
  • Evernote: I am now using to write quick notes on the go (via voice dictation) and get to them e.g. I have used it to get a combination code rather than pull my phone up and load the app

How does it improve my productivity?

Using the Apple Watch has improved my productivity in a few ways:

  • I can deal with important messages and get on with my day
  • Reminders are sent to my watch, I can mark as complete or snooze there and then
  • Lists on the go via Evernote
  • I can take calls when my phone is out of reach

Am I happy with my purchase (for productivity)?

Yes, the Apple Watch is mostly living up to my expectations (see shortcomings...) and I'm looking forward to WWDC '15 to see what's in store for Watch OS, MAC OS and iOS.