How to add your content to the iOS 9 Apple News app

One of the most interesting parts of WWDC15 for me was the introduction of a NEWS app. I was even more interested when they stated that anyone could submit a news feed to them, as someone that writes on a blog this of course was something I wanted to look into doing.

I have been a big fan of using Flipboard to share my content but I've not been able to create a feed for my RSS for them to use, instead I have distributed it via a 'Magazine' that I created within the app. I have started to see little movement in numbers of subscribers, something that makes me think about my strategy for sharing my content going forward.

Apple News seems a good combination of the default app, nice UI, ability to create your favourite feeds and a publishing platform accessible to all.

I am going to write about the process of doing this as I get through the various quality gates at Apple.

What format does the content need to be in to share?

It looks like there are two options for sharing your content within the News app

  1. Apple News Format: This is a new format that Apple has created, it allows you to share in that format and the app will format for all screen sizes and allow connection to your existing CMS - this isn't yet available
  2. RSS: If you don't want to wait for the Apple News Format you can share your RSS feed (this is what I have done)

How do you submit your feed?

Turns out its pretty straightforward if it's an RSS feed

  • Head over to here
  • You will get a new News Publisher icon that you can access
  • Enter some details, RSS feed and image - see the full detail here

How do you know if you are in?

When I started writing this post I had submitted and received an email back letting me know that it was being reviewed. Literally at the time of writing this now I have received my confirmation that I have gotten into the App, along with a link to test it.

Downside of this so far is that there is no on iOS 9 to test it at the moment, will report back on this.

Monetising your content

This will be the first time I have looked at monetisation for my content to be honest, I have plans for my site but nothing as of yet in place.

Looking at the information that Apple are providing it appears that they are using iAds, this means that for someone like myself I would potentially get 70% of the total revenue for ads on my content. It's not clear if you need to be using Apple News Format or if it will integrate with your RSS feed content right now, this is a wait and see until we get closer to the date of launch.

Should I share my content on Apple News?

Absolutely, it's a default app on iOS 9 that will be used by millions of people (hopefully).

Let me know how you get on with adding your content to Apple