How to use Google Cardboard on iOS

Last week as part of I/O, Google announced that their Cardboard app would be available on iOS for the first time so I picked up some hardware and gave it a go. This post covers what you need to get going, some apps I have tried and my general thoughts on where this could go.

What you need to get started

If you have an iOS device you will first off need a compatible cardboard, the one I picked up was the basic one at around £9 on Amazon. I didn't want to go into it spending too much money so I just went for the most basic one I could, note that this is the V1 version of the hardware not the newly announced V2 (improved button and bigger size) but for my iPhone 6 it work's fine. The one thing that I would say is that the button is a little hit or miss i.e. it doesn't always fire an action when you press it.

You will then need to get yourself to the iOS App Store and download the GOOGLE CARDBOARD app, it contains a few demo's and is all you need to get going.


I've found a few apps that are worth downloading

  • Google Cardboard App; not essential but a good starting point
  • Orbulus (Mojo VR); has a nice selection of scenes including city and beach scenes
  • R8main's Run; If you wanted to sit on top of an F1 car then this is the app, it's a demo and you can't action anything but looking around a car on the track is pretty amazing and worth a go even if you aren't an F1 but


I've enjoyed messing around with cardboard, for the price of entry I'd recommend anyone with an iPhone to give it a go just make sure that you get the correct cardboard i.e. it fit's your phone (the listings will let you know what screen sizes are compatible).

My 4 year old has really enjoyed playing with it also so as a learning device I'm totally sold on the explorer initiative that Google are going to be putting into schools.

Overall it's an interesting play to get VR into consumer hands at a cheap entry price, it won't be mass market until stores stock it I think or it get's advertised but I for one am pleased at what I've seen so far.