How to remove CONNECT from Apple Music

I had great hopes for CONNECT, which is the social network within Apple Music but it's become a bit of a wasteland for me and takes up some space within the iOS app that I would very much like back.

It started well and I found myself listening to all of the music that Trent Reznor added to the NIN feed but since adding all of his tracks to MY MUSIC they are now unavailable (expired maybe?) and with other artists not contributing much I decided it was something that was taking up space.

Well the good news is that you can remove CONNECT from the app, here's how to do it and get PLAYLIST back in it's place at the bottom of the app screen.

  1. Fire up the settings app
  3. Type in your passcode
  4. Enable Restrictions
  5. Scroll down and toggle OFF for APPLE MUSIC CONNECT

Thats's it, when you next fire up the MUSIC app you will see that this tab has been replaced by PLAYLISTS.