Apple needs to eat it's own dogfood

There have been a lot of posts lately about the state of Apple core apps and as someone that almost lives on iOS I wanted to share my thoughts also.

Generally iOS is solid for me, it's fast, I have plenty of apps and with the iPad Pro it's got me using it almost full time. There are bugs in the system, like any OS but on the whole I believe it's the platform for me.

I have to believe that employees at Apple use their own apps but with the amount of niggles that I have encountered and functionality light core apps I feel that Apple need to make sure they use their own apps - especially for productivity. If they ran one project using Notes and Reminders they would see the holes and hopefully improve their apps in a meaningful way.

Here are my thoughts on some of their core apps.

Apple Music

As soon as Apple Music was released last year I jumped on board, it even got me to cancel my spotify account at the time. I've stuck with the service and although I do have my gripes it's the fact that I have my own music and streamed all one app that keeps me there.

The good

  • I have all of my music in one place
  • It has the biggest collection (for my tastes) available out there
  • 3D Touch enabled

The bad

  • Songs get in a stuck downloading state almost daily (especially on WiFi weirdly)
  • The UI takes a while to get used to for new users
  • Connect shouldn't be a tab
  • Let us reorder our tabs, I want My Music first
  • I get a constant 'An Error has occurred' on the 'For You' screen


I've tried (and tried) to use Reminders as my daily to do app, it's so flakey I feel that it could break at any moment. What doesn't fill me with confidence is that when I raise radar reports against any Reminders bugs they don't get a lot of attention or get closed without any feedback, this doesn't give me confidence that they are even using it internally.

The good

  • I can create a Reminder via SIRI
  • 3D Touch enabled
  • iCloud sync works really well, I haven't had any problems

The bad

  • The Today view on notification center is slow and often doesn't display anything
  • The top/bottom navigation is old fashioned, I want a left to right navigation style
  • No free form today view I.e. I want to quickly create a list of what I want to accomplish today regardless of the time
  • No Apple Watch app


Notes has come on leaps and bounds, I have no issues I only mention it as I want Apple to take note and use it as an example of what they could do with Reminders.

I've only highlighted a few apps and need to tell myself that Apple core apps are a starting point not meant to be fully functioning for power users.

I'd love to know what core apps you use?