WWDC '16 Wishlist

At the time of writing we are a matter of days away from WWDC '16 and in time honoured tradition for me now I wanted to write down some of my WWDC wishes.



I've written quite a lot over the years about my use of Reminders and I'd love to see the app getting some love after we got a Notes refresh last year. I won't go into loads of detail here but in a nutshell I'd like it to be to easier to add entries via natural language and also be able to quickly see what's on in my day (including my Calendar).

iPad Multi-tasking

I use multi-tasking all of the time on my iPad Pro but selecting the app is really basic, you have to swipe through a complete list of apps. I'd like a favourites or spotlight search option so that I can quickly use some keyboard shortcuts to bring up a new app on the right hand pane.

Customised Control Center

I use it a lot but I'd use it more if I could add my own shortcuts e.g. to enable low power mode or fire a specific action.

Dark Mode

I am sceptical that we will get an iOS wide dark mode but I'd like to see an option that allows me to use the dark mode keyboard all of the time rather than just in certain apps or situations. Whilst a system wide dark mode would be awesome (and in line with us wanting to lower the stress on our eyes at night) I just don't see it, especially with the new sensor technology in the 9.7" iPad Pro that adjusts the screen based on ambient light.


As I've written about I am having a few problems with the service lately, it's all back end stuff but aside from more server power a bit of a UI tweak would be great. I find the white background to be distracting and some of the buttons are so small that I often find it difficult to hit the targets first time.


The rumoured API would be great, I could add a TO DO, ask to see the weather is using a particular app etc...


Name change

All signs seem to point to a change to macOS or similar, makes sense and I have no problems with the change.


Another rumour but I'd like to see some form of SIRI on the MAC, I can add reminders send messages etc...

Turn off screenshots

I don't know about you but I often have at least 3 screenshots in my camera roll after a days Apple Watch use. It's too easy to trigger so I'd like an option to be able to turn this feature off.

Achievement sync

I'd like our hard earned achievements to be sync'd via iCloud so that when you do a refresh you don't have to rely on going to an iCloud backup to keep them.

Watch faces

They are pretty basic at the moment, I'm not bothered about third party ones but I'd like to see more options. I'd at least like to see a complication being dynamic in what it displays e.g. I use a timer a few times a day so when I'm not using it replace it with the weather one instead.

What are you looking forward to?