How the Reminders app has changed in iOS 10

With each iOS update the first app that I look at is Reminders, it shows me what focus Apple has on productivity and as someone that (tries) to use it as their main TO DO app it's always a big area of interest for me.

The most interesting discussion point for me here is how the app has spread it's wings to other parts of iOS

  • Today widget
  • Calendar integration
  • watchOS app
  • watchOS complication

These new additions have made Reminders much more useful and has quickly become my TO DO app of choice.

There is a new widget that you can see from your Today screen, it shows me the next couple of items and has been very reliable in my testing. I often ran into trouble using the iOS 9 widget where it wasn't updating properly but it looks like the iOS 10 refresh has gone someway to sort this out.

There is a little bit of Calendar integration in iOS 10, we have a new widget called 'Up Next'. This shows a mix of calendar events and reminders due, I've found this extremely useful.

watchOS APP
At last we have a watchOS app, it works well, is a clean UI and has been used by myself a lot!.

Along with the watchOS app we have a complication for Reminders, which is now default on my watch face. In the smaller view it shows the icon, you tap it to go into the app. If you use it on a larger view you get the title of what the next due reminder is.

No real changes that I can spot, it looks the same and adding due dates are as before. I am a little disappointed as I would have liked to have seen a layout more in keeping with Notes (left pane showing my lists). I would have also liked to seen the addition of a DUE TODAY (with no time) so that I can just quickly create a list of items due today without worrying about adding a time.

Overall I'm happy with the changes we have had (so far) with iOS 10, having watch capabilities and some widgets has made a massive difference to my daily use. I can see myself using Reminders full time going forward.

Do you use Reminders?