The best Apple Watch band for summer

Summer would have appeared to have finally hit us here in the UK and being out and about over the last few weeks and back on my holiday in June has given me a chance to test which band for Apple Watch I like the best to use in the summer or for active days out.

Here is what I tested


I used this band most of the year, it's the one that came with my sports model so should be the best right? Well although comfortable I find it gets a bit sticky when it starts to get really warm. I often find myself loosening it a notch or two to make it more comfortable. On the plus side it's quick to wipe over, dry and is my second favourite option.

Leather Loop

This is my favourite looks wise but struggles in the summer. I find I am constantly loosening it and it becomes hot and sticky quickly. It also takes on board that lovely sweat smell that we all love... mines been put away for the summer.

Third Party option

I've tried a few third party bands, all of which I've hated but the best option for the summer is the sports style band. The plastic used isn't up to Apple standards and is a lot more tacky but if you want to save some cash then it might be the best option.


I picked up a Nylon band just before my holiday in June and although I wasn’t sold on the design at first it’s become my go to band and therefore favourite to use in the summer. The material doesn’t get sweaty, you can get it wet (something I did when I was at the beach), I didn’t find myself adjusting it and most important of all I forgot I was wearing it. It’s lighter than the sports band and more comfortably with a soft material finish that allows the band some space to get air and results in no sweaty wrists…

So my pick for best summer band - the official Apple one, pay the extra and get something that will last you a long time and in my opinion going to be best for those hot days in the sun.