Everything iPhone 7

So with only a few days to go before Apple officially announces the next iPhone I thought I would take a moment to discuss my thoughts on the rumours and what I'd like to see.


All the rumours point towards this model being largely the same as the current one looks wise. Every other year normally gets a bit of a redesign but Apple look to be breaking with tradition and keeping largely the same form factor.

The design changes look to be subtle and if you believe the rumours there will be a cleaner antenna line on the back of the phone and camera bump changes depending on the model you go for (7 or 7Plus).

I have to say that I am slightly disappointed that Apple have kept the design, don’t get me wrong I like it but would have liked to see some more changes. Both of the models have a nice brushed finish and are comfortable to hold but there is something about a redesign that gets people excited and must boost sales numbers.

The other part of me realises that there is only so much that can be done to differentiate smartphone design these days. I relate it the Porsche 911, which although modernised looks largely the same as the original that was introduced. Nothing wrong with the basics of the design and now signifies that it's a 911. Apple could iterate on the current form factor for years.

Going wireless

There have been too many rumours to ignore the fact that we are losing the headphone port this year.

I've written up a few posts on this subject already so I won't go into all the details but at this point (I'm writing this listening to headphones plugged into my iPhone) Apple are going to have come up with an amazing business case for me moving to the 7. I don't like the idea of being bound to a dongle and Bluetooth headsets aren't where I would like them to be. Their range isn't great, quality is hit or miss and you have to charge them. At the moment no matter where I am I can grab a pair of 3.5mm and go on my way.


Until a few years ago the iPhone was my main camera, any sort of update meant that I would pretty much buy the new model no questions asked. I've recently become a bit of a DSLR convert and it's never far from my side these days. I take it almost everywhere with me, I also carry the SD Card reader so that I can share any photos that I want to whilst I'm out and about. The current camera serves me just fine for capturing everything else.

The rumored Optical Image Stabilisation addition on the 7 is going to make an improvement but not that dramatic to justify an expensive update.

The rumored dual lens on the Plus model has peaked my interest but having recently lived with a Plus for a few weeks I had some RSI issues so I would have to seriously think about going over to that model.

Bottom line, an improved camera alone isn't going to be enough for me to upgrade.

Keeping features from the non plus model

If the rumors turn out to be true I am going to be a little annoyed that Apple is denying the smaller 7 model flagship features. Not everyone can cope with a larger phone and differentiation between the line feels like the Plus is the premier model. I understand physics but depending on what happens when it gets the inevitable iFixit tear down I want to see if the dual lens will fit into a 7 shell.

New colours

As you know we currently have - Space grey - Silver - Gold - Rose gold

There have been several rumours that include - Blue - Space black (as per the 5) - Polished black (as per the Mac Pro)

A new colour gives some people a reason to upgrade to show they have the latest model so introducing new colours makes sense. I’d love to see more choice in the product line and hoping that we get at least one new colour.

Bye bye 16GB

At last it looks like we will finally be saying goodbye to the 16GB model as the base. I’ve got several family members running into space problems on a daily basis and with the paltry free 5GB iCloud storage that Apple gives us it’s hard to get everything backed up. I’d like to see the tiers at 64GB, 128GB and 256GB with an iCloud free tier increase to at least 25GB. Realistically I feel that we are going to get 32GB, 128GB and 256GB. I don’t see how this would be exclusive to the Plus model, I really hope they don’t do that and make a further differentiation to the smaller model.

Will I be buying one?

For the first year in a long time I am wondering if I will actually upgrade this time. I’m currently on a 6S and have to be honest that with the camera as good as it already is (I use my DSLR for most things), it’s plenty fast enough and includes 3D Touch to make the most of iOS 10.

I have used a plus model and it didn’t play nice with an existing RSI problem that I have so am only really looking at the 7 model. If the rumours are to be believed all I would get would be a slightly improved camera and I’d lose a headphone port in return.

With declining iPhone sales and some (rumoured) disruptive changes this is going to be year that is going to be very interesting to watch.

Are you going to be upgrading to the iPhone 7?