Making changes

After removing myself from Twitter and Medium I've discovered a new joy in blogging again, it had become more work due to pressure I put on myself to "make it" and the time I spent on social getting mostly annoyed by the actions of Twitter meant that I wasn't enjoying it.

Well, after installing the Squarespace Analytics app and seeing where and how people were finding me it gave me hope that I could build my audience and made me rethink my plans on what to do with the blog.

Now I'm off most social (I'm still on Instagram) I've decided to do a bit of a redesign and refocus, so...

  • A new title bar, cleaner and easy links to my other pages
  • NO MORE GOOGLE ADS, yes they are gone
  • Newsletter was a nice idea but requires too much maintenance and to do the job I want to I simply don't have the time

Now to create some content...

Thanks for reading.