iPad Pro 10.5" after a week

It's a week on after putting in my order and picking up the new 10.5" iPad from my local store so I thought I'd share my thoughts on it so far.  

 In daily use

I'm using it for work mostly, writing posts like this and handwriting notes. ProMotion hasn't been the game changer for me as some reviewers but the increased screen size and CPU has been where I've noticed it the most. Everything flies and the smaller bezels really do make it feel roomier in day to day use.  


I always get the biggest I can afford, typically this is 128GB. For the 10.5" I went for 256GB as there is no longer a 128GB option. I'll continue to download most of my music and a few films on my iPad's and not run out of space yet. I'd recommend 64GB unless you are really going to store everything locally.


Dropping down to the 9.7" from 12.9" felt like I was freed up to take the ipad everywhere with me again so I'd gotten used to this. Going up a little to the 10.5" has made no difference to how portable I find it.  

Has it replaced my Mac?

For 90% of what I do, yes.  


still need my Mac for podcasting and updating the design of this blog.

Do I regret trading down from 12.9"? 

Nope, every now and again I'll think about the larger screen then remind myself how heavy and harder to carry around it was. It's a great device, just not for me.  

Accessory update 

The only additional accessory I picked up was the Smart Keyboard cover.  I had to take the first one back due to a manufacturing fault but the replacement is great. It's wide enough to type on comfortably and light enough to carry around with me.  

Happy with my purchase? 

Yes, the 10.5" iPad with it's amazing performance and improved Pencil latency might be the best product Apple has produced. It's up there with AirPods as my favourite product over the last few years. With the addition of iOS 11 it's turned the iPad into my go to device again and I'm excited to see what happens going forward.