Apple drops the best feature of 3D Touch in iOS 11

I've been using iOS 11 on and off for a couple of weeks and I've reverted back on my iPhone because Apple has dropped 3D Touch's best feature. The feature that I'm missing is 3D Touch on the edge of the screen to invoke app switching. 

When Apple introduced this feature with the introduction of the iPhone 6S it's become a habit for me (especially on the Plus sized phones) and I'm left scratching my head on why they removed it.

There are a few schools of thought here for me. 

1. It's an error 

In the iOS 10 beta test phase Apple removed navigation with the Apple Pencil, which was reintroduced in the very next beta. This was either an error or the commentary from several outlets showed them it was a much used feature. 

I'm hopeful that as with this evidence we'll see 3D being reinstated in the next beta. I raised a radar with Apple on beta 1 so I'm keeping a close eye on feedback. At the moment it's left as open with no comments from Apple. 

 2. iOS 11

There could be a reason for it based on how app switching has changed on iPad in iOS 11. The app switching view has been completely redesigned on iPad and a cut down version could be headed to iPhone. 

 3. iPhone 8

There are a lot of rumours about the next iPhone but I think we can all agree it'll have a full screen on the front, removing bezels. This has me thinking about how removing this feature might play into that. I'd hate to see Apple sacrifice a great feature like this just to make app switching make more sense on their flagship model but you never know.   

If we have a larger screen we could potentially see a dock and some form of iPad like app switching.  

Are you a beta tester, do you miss this feature?