My iPad Pro (desktop) setup

Hopefully by now if you read my stuff or follow me on Twitter you will know I’m a huge fan of the iPad and use one as my main machine day to day. I recently upgraded to the 10.5” iPad Pro and had a 12.9” Smart Keyboard Cover lying around so I thought why not repurpose it. 

I plugged it into the iPad and although a lot wider it works great as a desktop keyboard for me, think of it as a docking station for when I’m at my desk. Personally I love the keys on the keyboard cover and having this extra space to use is nice. I just need to rig up power to my desk with lightning and I’m done on my desktop setup. 

When I’m out and about I’ll continue to use the Smart Keyboard cover for 10.5” but if I’m focussed on writing something at my desk this is what I’ll be using.